Meet Dr. Robert J. Limardi

Dr. Robert Limardi graduated from Union College in New York with a degree in Biology and Spanish Literature.  He then attended the Stony Brook College of Dental Medicine in New York, and completed his D.D.S. degree.  From there, he attended the Ohio State University and completed his Certificate in Periodontics and a Masters Degree in cellular biology.  While a resident at Ohio State, he taught several of the Periodontal courses to the dental students, as well as instructing in surgical care on the clinic floor.  After graduating from Ohio State, he went into private practice and has owned his own practices since 1992.  After a several year break from school, Dr Limardi attended the Warren County Career Center, and became certified to the highest level as a firefighter and fire inspector in the state of Ohio.  He also attended the University of Cincinnati and became certified as an Emergency Medical Technician.  He presently works as a fire fighter in Clermont County and volunteers as a fire firefighter and inspector for the Village of Glendale where he presently resides.

     Always having an interest in teaching and a special desire to help children with learning disabilities, which is very close to home, he attended Xavier University and completed a Masters Degree in Education with a concentration in Special Education and Reading.  He presently is continuing his studies at Xavier, and is working on his Doctorate in Education.  Dr. Limardi enjoys teaching and interacting with students and patients, and will help you to completely understand the disease process as well as any necessary treatment.  He believes that total understanding is necessary for successful treatment outcomes. Treatment planning, as well as patient consultation is something he especially enjoys educating patients about.  Dr. Limardi believes in offering his patients the most modern technologies in the treatment and employs such tools as digital imaging, digital media, laser therapy and regenerative surgery.  Dr. Limardi particularly enjoys restoring patients to natural function with dental implants.  He will closely work with your general dentist to assist in the restoration of your case after implant placement.  He also believes that patients must visit their general dentist on a regular basis to maintain good oral health.  A good part of his practice also includes oral medicine, where he performs several different types of biopsies and works closely with several pathologists to treat oral disease. 

     Dr. Limardi is presently a member of the Academy of Periodontlogy, the American Dental Association and the Academy of Osseointegration.  He also belongs to the Ohio Academy of Periodontists, as well as the Cincinnati Periodontal Society and the Ohio Dental Association.  He served as the President of the Western Hills Dental Study Club for 10 years.  He regularly attends many different continuing education classes in an attempt to offer the mot evidence based and new therapies to his patients.  Dr. Limardi has a very light and informal approach to his patients, and truly tries to relax and incorporate them into their treatment and understanding of the disease process.