Treatment Methods

Dr. Limardi’s practice provides a variety of surgical and non-surgical services for the treatment of periodontal issues. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are very conservative in our treatment recommendations, and limit surgery to the areas where it is absolutely necessary.

Many times, the early stages of periodontal disease are best treated with non-surgical periodontal therapy. Even in severe cases, non-surgical periodontal therapy often precedes surgical therapy. This is done to improve the overall tissue quality prior to surgery and also to help limit the areas requiring surgery.

Occasionally, it is necessary to extract teeth to treat disease or place dental implants.  Dr. Limardi will perform the extractions for you, as well perform ridge augmentation and socket preservation procedures (restore the hole left after the extraction to help maintain the jaw bone for tooth replacement.  Immediate dental implants (placed at the time of extraction) are frequently done at our office decreasing the need for several surgical procedures, reducing healing time and perhaps also reducing the cost.  Please discuss this option with Dr. Limardi if you have any interest in these procedures. Sinus surgery is also provided to assist the placement of dental implants.  Dr. Limardi will discuss this with you if he feels it is appropriate.